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427 Crate Engine With 525 HP
The Python
This Engine Will Strangle Your Competition

427 Ford crate engine 

* Engine Shown With Optional Pulley Kit*

"Extreme Street/Strip Power Plant"

Will Replace Any Small Block


Small block 427  Ford crate engine with Aluminum heads. The 427 525HP engine combination can be custom designed to tailor to your specific needs. This engine is designed to make your weekend toy or mild drag strip car come to life. With it's awesome torque and power curve all the way through out the RPM band.  All engines can be custom painted to match your vehicle at your request. We can outfit your engine with the exclusive March Performance serpentine belt system.  We can also assist you in choosing the proper transmission and stall speed converter combination for your vehicle and have it shipped directly to you as your performance crate engine is being built.


See Below How Our Engines Out Beat Our Competitors

Engine Specification Sheet


Short Block Assembly:

  • New Dart SHP 351w Big Bore Block 1pc Rear Main Seal

  • Honed With Deck Plate

  • Mains Have Been Aline Honed

  • Block Has Been Decked 

  • Dura Bond Cam Bearings Installed

  • Brass Freeze Plug And Oil Galley Kit Installed

  • Block painted with 3 coats of high temp ceramic engine paint customers choice of color 

  • Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Stroker Crankshaft

  • Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods With ARP Bolts And Bushed Pins

  • SRP Or Mahle Forged Pistons 

  • Performance rod and main bearing (Clevite, King or Federal Mogul)

  • Hastings Performance Rings Hand Filed To Match Application

  • The complete rotating assembly will be balanced

Fully Dressed Crate Engine:

  • All The Above Plus The Following:

  • New Comp Cams Custom Ground High Performance Street Camshaft With A Muscle Car Chop

  • A Liberty three piece true double roller timing set

  • A Set Of Roller lifters

  • A Set Of Aluminum Performance Cylinder Heads

  • A Set Of Stainless Steel 2.02 Intake Valves

  • A Set Of Stainless Steel 1.60 Exhaust Valves

  • A Set Of High Performance Valve Springs And Retainers (To Match Camshaft)

  • A Set Of Screw In Studs And Hardened Guide Plates

  • All New ARP Head Bolts

  • A Set Of Manley Chrome Moly Push Rods

  • A Set Of Performance Roller Rockers

  • Melling oil pump

  • Melling oil pick up

  • A Milodon front sump oil pan 

  • A new timing cover with scale

  • Engine will be assembled with all new bolts

  • Fel-Pro performance gaskets

  • New Edelbrock RPM Victor Jr. performance intake manifold

  • A new chrome thermostat housing to match intake

  • Holley carburetor

  • 14" Chrome air cleaner

  • Pro Billet Distributor

  • MSD 6AL Ignition Control

  • MSD Blaster II coil and bracket

  • (8) Autolite spark plugs

  • A set of custom fit Taylor 8mm ignition wires (color of choice Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange no extra charge)

  • A water pump

  • A set of tall chrome valve covers with baffles

  • Professional Products performance balancer

  • All Engines Will Come With Flex Plate (For Auto Trans)

  • As We Assemble Your Engine We Take Several Pictures Throughout The Building Process So You Can See The Quality Of Parts And Workmanship That Goes Into Your Engine

  • Each Engine Is dyno Tested, Timing Set And Carburetor Adjusted For Optimum Performance

  • We video tape your engine and send you a copy

Only $11,500



We Are Constantly Running Engine Deals
Please Call Us For The Most Up To Date Pricing
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Customize Your Crate Engine

March Performance
Alt Only
Upgrade $1,000 Upgrade $,1675 Upgrade $2,100

Holley Carburetor
(Includes braided fuel line for carburetor)
Add $350
MSD Mini High Torque Starter

Add $275
MSD 6AL Ignition Control
MSD 6AL 6420
Add $300
Manual Flywheel
Add $375

The Atomic EFI outshines the competition in ease of installation and performance! The MSD annular ring injection design produces an air/fuel charge with much better mixture as well as an even distribution among the cylinders that our competition cannot match. Better AFRs equal better idle quality, better starting, and better overall drivability throughout the rpm range. You and your engine will be glad when you Go Atomic.

 Kit Includes:

  • Throttle Body Assembly (An exact swap for a 4150 Holley)
  • (4) port style injectors
  • EMS (Engine Management System)
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • All harnesses and connectors (Much less harnessing than other systems)
  • Idle Air Control - Built in to the throttle body
  •  Coolant Temperature Sensor - 3/8-NPT threads for most manifolds
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Wideband O2 Sensor and cable (Many competitive units are narrowband)

Add $2,700

  ***Firmware updates can be found at the following link:

Custom Paint

Custom Painted Engine:

  • Have a custom painted car?  Why not have a custom painted engine?  Give us your paint code and we'll do the rest.

Add $300

Webber 48mm Stack Induction

Webber Stack Induction:

  • Webber Stack Induction Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Webber 48mm IDA Carburetors
  • Chrome Stacks
  • Webber Carburetor Fuel Line
  • Webber Carburetor Throttle Linkage

Add $ Call


Edelbrock Dual Quad's:

  • Performer RPM Dual Quad Air-Gap intake With EnduraShine Finish
  • 2 Thunder Series AVS carburetors With EnduraShine Finish
  • Progressive throttle linkage
  • Fuel line
  • Edelbrock Chrome Dual Carburetor Air Cleaner

Add $1,400

TH350 Transmission

Automatic Transmission Package's:

  • The world’s finest transmission packages, custom made for Proformance Unlimited.
    -Each Transmission Package is tailored to your engine, and Test Driven to ensure maximum performance.
    -They build them from Mild to Wild, if you’ve got the horsepower, they have the transmission.

C4 Or C6 Add $2,000


Cobra Valve Cover 

Cobra Valve Cover And Air Cleaner Upgrade Kit:

  • Cobra Valve Covers
  • Cobra Air Cleaner

Add $275 

Cobra Engine Package 

Cobra Engine Package Upgrade Kit:

  • Cobra Valve Covers
  • Cobra Air Cleaner
  • March Alternator Only Pulley Kit:
    • Polished Aluminum Alternator Bracket
    • Polished Aluminum Alt, Crank, & Water Pump 6 Grove Serpentine Pulleys 1 Wire
    • Alternator
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Manual Transmission Flywheel 157 or 164 Tooth

Add $1,625 


Whether your vehicle is a hot rod, street car, race car, or even a tow truck, here at Proformance Unlimited we are here to help design and build the combination that best suits your vehicles needs. Please browse our engine combinations listed below or custom design one of your own. Proformance Unlimited is best known for our precision custom designs. From that special built stroker engine to that turn-key drop in ready crate engines, call Doug or Steve and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

All engines are custom built to order for total customer satisfaction

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